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While the first and second DUI convictions are misdemeanors, the third DUI in Las Vegas is considered as a felony, as well as any subsequent ones (NRS 484C.400). In this case, under the Nevada Revised Statutes, the defendant will be charged with a Category B Felony. The prosecutor will most likely bring felony DUI charges that potentially carry years in prison and hefty fines. Seeking an experienced Las Vegas felony DUI defense attorney can help either to dismiss the charges or lessen them to minor charges against you.

DUI Felony Offenses

3rd DUI offense Penalties

A 3rd DUI conviction within 7 years of the first one is a Category B Felony (NRS 484C.400).

Penalties for DUI Causing Injury

DUI causing injury is a Category B felony (NRS 484C.430).

Death-Causing-DUI Penalties

If the defendant is accused of DUI with death and has 3 previous convictions in Las Vegas, the prosecutor will change the charges to Category A Felony of vehicular homicide (NRS 484C.440). 

Leaving the Scene Resulting to Damage of Property Penalties

Drivers who tend to leave the scene of the crime to weaken the case against them will get nowhere but commit a Felony DUI charge. Penalties will depend on the severity of damage and/or the number of people injured or killed (484E.010).

Collision resulting to damage of property will be penalized with:

Penalties for Hit-and-Run involving Death/Injury

Heftier penalties comes with collision resulting to death or injury, including:

Felony DUI Defenses

With the evidence and facts of your case, Attorney Ross C. Goodman, Esq. can convince the prosecutor that the case should be dismissed or lessened to minor charges. The following are few points that can help with your DUI case:

Felony DUI Plea Bargaining

Ross C. Goodman, Esq. can investigate all the necessary evidences to help you with your Las Vegas DUI felony charges and keep you out of jail. There is a possibility to have the prosecutor reduce the DUI charge to misdemeanor, and you will face less drunk-driving penalties such as:

Drunk driving charges are often complex and the aspect of DUI conviction can be very harsh. However, the most inconvenient aspect of DUI convictions in Las Vegas is the collateral consequences: a criminal record that can come up on every background check, expensive car insurance premiums, and a tainted driving record. Getting help from an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Las Vegas as soon as possible can help you with the complexities of court proceedings.


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