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Goodman Law Group, P.C. is one of the top legal firms in Las Vegas and is recognized by Martindale – Hubbell`s AV Peer Review. Ross has been selected to the TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYERS by THE NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS. He has the necessary expertise to develop trial strategies that will bring your defense in the best possible position. This dedication and commitment to your defense has paid off for hundreds of clients.

We provide exceptional legal representation for those facing various types of criminal offenses including DUI charges, drug charges, domestic violence, theft and more. We have numerous successful cases in both Federal and State Courts and provide assistance in handling post-conviction relief such as appeals and sealing criminal records.

All cases are different and it is experience, credibility and a proven track record of your criminal defense lawyer that is most necessary when defending your case, especially a criminal one - that can damage your reputation or even worse – get you incarcerated. I ask that you call (702) 383 – 5088 or Contact Us to GET MY FREE CONSULTATION on Criminal defense, DUI Driving under influence, Domestic Violence, Assault and Battery, Casino markers / Bad Debts and other criminal cases.
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Criminal Defense in Nevada - Las Vegas, Henderson and nearby areas

Our criminal law firm has handled multiple cases in Las Vegas, winning many of them and receiving acquittals for our clients as a result. We specialize on the following criminal charges:


We have successfully defended many clients of DUI or driving under the influence. We understand that these charges can have a long-term effect on your personal life. Through our experience in handling these kinds of cases, we can have a higher chance to persuade the judges or the juries to lower your charges, lower the penalties against you, or even acquit you of all charges. We are also aware that the police officers themselves can make a mistake, and if they do, we can use their evidence against them. People and breathalyzers are not foolproof after all, so our DUI lawyer Ross Goodman will do his best to get you the justice that you deserve.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases can become problematic for a domestic violence lawyer on both sides.These cases depend on the testimonies of emotionally charged people, with their memories affected by the event orgiving false testimonies.These events frequently occur at their own private properties, where on-lookers or witnesses are rare.There is also an inherent bias against men. If the accuser or the defendant is a man, they may not be taken seriously by anyone. Man, woman, or anything between, we promise to defend you to the extent of our ability.

Drug charges

Las Vegas has strict drug laws even with the city’s reputation. There are many circumstances that can end up with a person receiving a drug charge. A few examples are driving while under the influence of drugs or legally owning and using marijuana. If you have been slapped with drug charges, an attorney can argue for the benefit of your case.

Juvenile Crimes

Juveniles aresent to juvenile court, but if worse comes to worse, they can end up in criminal court. If you are a parent or a child under the age of consent, we can help you. We understand that children often make mistakes, but that does not mean that they should be permanently scarred their whole life. An attorney with the knowledge in this area of the law can mean the difference between going to juvenile court, or criminal court.Going to criminal court means that you or your child will be tried as an adult, and receive harsher punishments as a result.


Serious crimes like murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, aggravated assault and robbery fall under violent crime. Anyone that has been charged with a grave crime like this will definitely need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend them. We believe that everyone deserves a chance, even if charged with something as serious as this.There may be circumstances that led to an unfortunate situation, and that’s why we are willing to give everyone a chance. No matter how the difficult the case becomes, we will fight hard for your sake.

Homicide involves someone dying, intended or not. Needless to say, receiving a homicide charge is a messy business, but even so, our firm can help you. We have handled many cases involving murder, manslaughter, and more. Accidentally or not, we will fight to defend against any and all charges imposed on you. Several cases involve the person accidentally killing someone as a result of negligence, unfortunate circumstances, or intending to do harm, but not to kill. You can also receive charges for manslaughter if your pet has killed someone, or for killing someone in improper self-defense.

  • Commitment to Excellence
    • Commitment to Excellence

      Our top priority is to be there when we are needed. We are ready to help your concerns 24/7. If you have been accused or charged with a criminal offense, time is of the essence where every moment counts. We are experts at criminal laws in Nevada and successfully resolved several cases. Being aggressive in pursuing your defense is the best option to protect your rights and your freedom.

      If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer, Ross C. Goodman is your man. With a proven track record as one of most successful trial lawyers, he can protect your rights and fight for your best interests against any criminal accusation, no matter how tough they may be.

      Being accused of a state or federal criminal offense can be tough and stressful, and you may be confused as to what you can or cannot do. You need an attorney who understands the law and the system, who can provide you with clear options that will give you the best results. We aim to deliver a level of service unmatched by any.

  • Goodman Law Group
    • Goodman Law Group

      Have you been charged? DUI Lawyer Ross Goodman can help you with their expertise and years of service in defending the rights of his clients. He can help you make informed decisions so that you feel confident and in control of your defense.

      Domestic Violence Attorney Ross C. Goodman has been practicing defense law since 1992. Based in Las Vegas, he has been serving client’s criminal defense needs no matter what. Dedicated to defending his clients no matter what, he is determined to get the ideal result because he understands that it is the client’s future on the line.

      Armed with the knowledge and experience of the inner workings of criminal law in Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson and surrounding areas, he can handle multiple cases and get better results for anyone accused of a crime. From DUI to sexual offenses, Ross knows just what to do to get that acquittal.

      With this website, Ross aims to inform anyone who seeks information about criminal defense as well as help explain the charges in a way easier to understand. Through this, he hopes that you can learn how to protect your civil rights and have a higher chance of winning the case.

      Why Ross?

      Receiving an accusation for a crime can be quite an experience for anyone, more so if you have never received a charge before. Goodman Law Group aims to help their clients throughout the criminal procedures so they will not become confused or scared by the system. If the verdict hasn’t been handed down yet, you still have rights to defend your side of the case. We offer a free 30-minute consultation before proceeding on anything. In this Free 30 minute consultation of your case, we are able to see your side of the case, and see if you have a winning chance and interpret how the law can be used in your favor.

      What to expect?

      Expect exceptional service from Criminal Defense Lawyer Ross. With his years of experience in investigations and countless court appearance, you can be assured that you already have the best in defense available in the areas within Nevada, whether you are a local or someone visiting. Before the trial starts, Ross gets you settled with the facts about the case and will consult you with the most advantageous ways to tackle the case. Ross will be there for you throughout the trial. Ross will advise you on what’s the most favorable course to take and be there to defend you against anything the prosecutions throws at you. If acquittal is not possible, he will do his best to get the least damaging penalty for you. Arm yourself with only the best, with someone who has the best shot for the success of your case.

      Arm yourself with only the best, with someone who has the best shot for the success of your case.

  • Steadfast Representation
    • Steadfast Representation

      We understand that every case is unique and requires careful preparation and unique insight. Las Vegas DUI Attorney Ross is committed in providing exceptional legal representation that you can expect from a top-notch law firm. If you have been accused of DUI, domestic violence, drug-related charges, or traffic violations, you can rest assured that we have the experience and the drive to protect your best interests.

      Ross personalizes their practice to the individual needs of their clients. Their ethics, knowledge, and skill would help you get the best possible results.

      Everyone wants an edge in knowing when and how to negotiate a case, when to go to trial, and how to avoid the pitfalls of that can make matters worse. He takes pride in being able to utilize his resources to stay ahead of the recent changes in criminal law and is available for his clients to discuss these and more.

  • Protecting your Rights and your Freedom
    • Protecting your Rights and your Freedom

      If you or anyone you know have been accused of a criminal offense, don't waste time before getting a defense attorney. These allegations can have tough consequences awaiting you and the prosecuting office will do their best to put you to jail for any violations. With the right criminal defense lawyer, you can protect your freedom.

      Criminal accusations can have severe consequences or penalties such as additional costs incurred during court trials, large amount of penalties, and jail time. Fighting these will be very difficult on your own, giving you a large disadvantage at court. Contact us for a free consultation and let our attorneys help you with your stressful situation.

  • Get Professional Legal Advice Now
    • Get Professional Legal Advice Now

      You should not compromise your choice of legal counsel. This is the most important decision you should make to secure your freedom and rights.

      Goodman Law Group is founded and managed by the well-known and highly respected Criminal Defense Lawyer Ross C. Goodman, who has gained national recognition for his successful defense of several clients involved in high profile legal cases.

      Contact our office for a free and confidential legal consultation at (702) 383-5088. Do not wait until it’s too late; get legal advice immediately if you believe you’re in trouble. We will answer your questions and stay easily accessible to help you make informed decisions. We know how much is at stake and we will work to make you confident and in control of your defense.